Jute bag Advantages

Jute fabric is the best alternative to stop toxic wastes. Plastic bags are being substituted by jute bags, Jute is a insulating fiber and this is why it can be used to make cloth which would be used in electrical works.to prevent environment from pollution. Plastic bags have been effectively banned in India and in many other countries due to their harmful components.


The jute that we use to make our bags are gathered from plants that are grown with extreme care and in the best manner with natural fertilization to ensure that our manufacturing process also remains eco-friendly and the bags are of the best quality. Jute is mostly cultivated in the backward areas of India and Bangladesh near the coast of Bay of Bengal. The building of jute industries in these regions would increase employment and development of backward rural and remote areas, and consequently less migration to urban areas.


Every year hundreds of thousands of trees are cut for paper and furniture industries. If we opt for bags and furniture made of jute, we may save millions of trees. The increasing level of awareness about the environment and the benefits of jute, leads more and more people to select jute and make their lifestyle more green and eco-friendly.Jute bags also require a very low maintenance routine and are quite hardy. You can use these bags for a long period of time as the fibres are strong and natural. Not only using jute bags, but also using craft, decorative items, footwear, carpets, clothing, webbing, handcrafts... in jute. Geotextile and jute fabrics for construction are highly requested too.


Unique natural colour, special surface texture, hand-crafted look, heaviness and smart in appearance, high strength and modulus, moderate to good draping, good moisture absorption, good bleachibility, good dyeability and printability with different class of dyes, low cost, easy availability, agro-renewability, eco-friendly.


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